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Sit to stand test results

Your score

"1 point improvement in your score is related to 21% improvement in longevity!"

If you're not happy with your score check bellow why and how you can improve

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    1. Araújo CGS, Castro CLB, Franca JFC, Araújo DS. Sitting–rising test: Sex- and age-reference scores derived from 6141 adults. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 2020;27(8):888-890. doi:10.1177/2047487319847004

Correlation VS Causation

Although this test correlates well with longevity it doesn't imply that if you do badly in the test you will die in x amount of time. There goes my change for a sensationalist headline...


It should be interpreted that improving in the test and skills required by it will will improve your chances of living longer and with better quality.


There are important factors that might condition your performance in the test and make it so that you can't get the 10 points:

  • foot, knee or hip injury / pain

  • poor congenital hip and ankle mobility

  • bone structure that limits strategies of getting to the floor

Nevertheless you should still strive for a high score (>8 points). Despite your limitations the skill of getting to the floor and standing back up in a controlled and smooth fashion is crucial particularly as you get older. Striving to keep or improve it is definitely a worthy project. It will also help you identify mobility, strength or balance limitations that would be worth addressing.

The Coaching

Why you might struggle with the sit stand test...

Other options to get down on the floor and stand up

Improve mobility in the joints so you can get there

Build up the strength to do this smoothly and beyond

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