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Warm up to your best run

What if you could do a warm up that would challenge your running skills so much that when you hit the road you feel instantly quicker and lighter?

Check this video overview to see how it looks like:

But isn't running the best warm up for running?

Well in a wide sense yes, but it also should push the boundaries of your running skills... The thing is that running tends to be a very repetitive movement and usually we do it after waking up or after sitting down for hours at work. In both situations our body will be stiff and unlikely to give us his best performance. As we run slow for warm up, sure we will get the blood flowing but our movement will still be pretty limited.

This warm up works because it challenges your brain to find different ways of running, it wakes up all the muscles that need to contribute and gives you options (different techniques allow you to distribute running loads better through the body but more on that to come on a future post).

Ultimately you have to try this to feel it yourself! Subscribe bellow and I will e-mail you a full play-a-long video that will guide you through.

Then be sure to let us know how you got on...

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